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Gimme a Jo - We are all addicted [entries|friends|calendar]

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[01 May 2011|04:26am]
 How do you know when a relationship starts going downhill? 

It's when this person becomes a task instead of a hobby. 
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wilted [12 Apr 2011|03:08am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Lately I've been having bouts of depression. How should one feel when they come to the realisation that they weren't good at the only thing they thought they were good at? 

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it's bright. [07 May 2010|12:40am]
[ mood | determined ]

so it turns out that it is not as easy to settle down in another country as you thought it would be. in fact, it's probably going to be the most difficult venture so far. But you know what? With the kind of ambition you have, you can climb through any mountains in your way. Remember that determination and a bit of luck are the keys to success and never, ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it.

Because if you believe you can, you can. Look, you've conquered quite a fair bit here... so you know you have it in you to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, however difficult it is.


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Friends [25 Feb 2010|02:36am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm beginning to wonder if I have any real friends.

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Congratulations! [16 Nov 2009|01:35pm]
You are reader number 112th so you've been selected to win a page of my life. Enjoy.

I haven't been much of a blogger this year I know, and I am fairly certain that my future self will come to hate me for all the great memories left unrecorded. So this is an attempt to revive a few of them. (ps: I realised I like twitching my nose in addition to smiling lately, now wherever did I get that habit from?)

So... the major turning points of life this year.

Last year, I discovered my addiction to travelling. But this year, apart from the three amazing weeks at Phuket, I was utterly deprived. The closest I got to actually travelling was three trips to LCCT either to send people off on their glorious trips or to drop off bags for ingrates. You know how it is when addicts cannot access what they need. They go slightly insane. I plan to address this situation by adding in copious amounts of travelling next year. Funding? I'll do whatever it takes to get me the money.

This plan begins with a trip to Bali early in 2010 with the girls. Short six days (in actual fact, FOUR) but I'm gonna make sure it's a SWEET six days. It then resumes with a graduation trip to the USA. (well, hopefully) if that doesn't work out, then somewhere near will have to suffice. And then Europe for 2 months! (Countries to be covered - UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany)

And then the plan is to fly into Vietnam and teach English and earn some good old $$$. (Okay... or get a job at Club Med as specified by my previous plan. I heard however, that their pay sucks. OR succumb to the drudgery of climbing the corporate ladder - find a journalism job)

Anyway, I digressed. Back to this year.

As you would have known, I was completely engrossed in a domestic (as opposed to whirlwind) romance with none other than the amazing Hungarian dude Bera. Things were fine and dandy until he had to leave back to the UK and find a job, becoming one of those boring people with jobs and a tired, tragic life. (which unfortunately includes me now, until January, that is.) Anyway, to cut a long story short, not having your girlfriend/boyfriend right beside you during the times you most need him/her is a terrible feeling and so we cut it off to feel a tad bit better. We tell each other everything and are still the best of friends, but that's about where it ends. I'm now single and as available as can be.

Breaking up maturely was perhaps one of the hardest things I had to go through this year. It wasn't very easy but you get to see things a little clearly after. I will forever value the year we spent together... and the many years to come. This is my promise to what we have between us.

Another major event in my life. I lost my father this year. People are always shocked to see me being happy and smiling all the time now but what is there to frown about? Should I stop living my life because someone supposedly closest to me died? The only regret I have is that I did not have enough time to get to know the real him, thus never will.

Couchsurfing. One of my new interests. I have been hosting so many people lately that I'm beginning to suffer a burnout, therefore I have stopped for now. But Couchsurfing has been a major part of my life these past months, beginning with Nadia and then continuing with a list of amazing people - Luke, Simon, Martin, Cerian, Carl, Peter, Audran, Nathalie, Cyril, Frank, Erik, Phuc, Adrian, Christopher and Hung Chou. I will become the ultimate host once I've moved out and gotten a place of my own. Now that will be the beginning of it all.
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Things I'm Grateful for [10 Sep 2009|09:44am]
I realised that I've always been unsatisfied with what I had and I was always on the lookout for something better. While that is a good thing to a certain extent, one should never forget how good she has it already. Here are a list of things I'm grateful for, to remind myself of how lucky, how blessed I already am.

1. I am able to see all the beautiful colors in the world, and to hear all the loud amazing sounds and music and tell everyone what a fantastic experience my life has been with my voice.
2. I have a pretty smile thanks to my mother who forced braces on me when I was 13. It has become one of the many things I love about myself.
3. I am (semi) intelligent and have a knack for languages which will help me in my quest to become a translator
4. I have a bunch of loving friends who give me their all, who give me their support when I need it, and take me in as I am.
5.  I can speak and read English, Malay and the language of my motherland Chinese.
6. I am thankful that work ends in an hour
7. I am thankful that I was not born rich, so i'll know the value of money... T,T
8. I do not have zits on my face.
9. I comprehend things quickly
10. My hair does not resemble a lion
11. I am Asian.
12. 5 more minutes till work ends.
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I used to be someone's favorite person [29 Aug 2009|02:22am]
[ mood | sad ]

Have you ever wondered if you were someone's favorite person? and found out only when you're not that someone's favorite person anymore?

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hurting... [26 Jul 2009|02:32pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

It hurts when you feel hurt by something you no longer have a right to feel hurt about.
It hurts when you care for something you no longer have a right to care about.
It hurts when you want something from someone you no longer have a right to want something from.
It hurts when you want to cry in front of the someone but your tears just wont fall until you're alone.
It hurts so much, when things seem fine, but below the surface they're not really all that fine.

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Livin da vida loca (?) [17 Jul 2009|10:50pm]
why must my life get fucked up every time it seems to be going the right direction?
more precisely, why must PEOPLE fuck up my life every time I move it towards the right direction?
I have to leave all of this behind otherwise I will lose my stake at actually living The Life.
that's it. I'm leaving as soon as I can.
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this thing about friendship [23 May 2009|11:48pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Humans are such strange creatures.

Just a moment ago they seemed to really like you, talks for hours with you, spends loads of time being with you
and then suddenly,
you're out of their favor, forever.

No matter how much you try to get back in,
how much you smile at them,
how much you show them that you haven't changed, that it was just them or the situation which had changed,

it would just be a wasted effort,
as once affection is lost, it's lost.

These are the people who I call "passerbys" ... they come and they go out of your life, lighting it up for a moment, then leaving you in darkness again, they never stay to light up for long enough. And they really don't give a damn. Not about your friendship, and definitely not about you.

So you ask yourself, why did they seem to care in the beginning?
well it's perhaps to entertain themselves while they had nothing better to do, or perhaps you excited them at first, but everything eventually gets old, worn and boring, including yourself and your (yawn) personality. And that's life. Deal with it.

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It's gonna be a long one, this post on Phuket. [10 May 2009|05:28pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Among some of the souvenirs I got from Phuket included a beautiful beach dress, two sweet bags... and oh wait, what's that ugly thing I see in the mirror? Oh yea, my unsightly tan.
I am so tanned now that I'm probably the shade of badly burnt coffee. And that's putting it lightly.
The fashionable way to greet me now is no longer a vibrant, enthusiastic "HI JO!" coordinated with a bear hug, but an "Oh my GOD you're BROWN" completed with a shocked expression of horror.

This is the reason why I've developed a shade that will cause a million japanese girls to shriek in horror and run for bottles of sunscreen and whitening lotion in case they too get into this horrid dilemma. Lilean would do the same I suppose. She did not show much fondness towards my new color.

Well, one must strive on despite the adversities one faces. Therefore I shall, as Bera would say, "Build a bridge, and get over it." See? Now I love my new tan. I look like an islander! (the tagline in some coconut tanning oil bottle I saw in a shop)

Phuket turned out to be a cliche. But a good one of course. It's one of those good satisfying cliches that makes you feel a teensy bit guilty for enjoying it, like kissing in the sunset on a cruise through the Danube. Ultimate cliche, but it does have its perks. The island wasn't very much surprising for me, being one infested by tourists from every corner of the universe and consisted mainly of sun, sand, sea and Thai food. Which of course, got boring after a few days. Being there fore 3 weeks, I had to find numerous activities to fill up my time productively.

For the first five days of the trip, my mom came along and enjoyed herself haggling with unsuspecting sales people and watching Phad Thai hawkers at work whilst trying to discover the secret to a good Phad Thai. 
Her short five-day trip was, sad to say, far more eventful than my 3 week trip, seeing as she got into a motorbike accident, fell down from the mountain, got conned in seedy Patong AND bought a bikini! 
ALL things which I didn't manage to accomplish!

When we first arrived at the airport, Bera was there awaiting us with this lack-of-design name card, two Bacardi Breezers and a nice flower wrest for each of us. He can be really sweet sometimes. I was so excited at seeing him after two weeks that the idea of taking a picture of him waiting for us at the arrival hall seemed rather preposterous considering I could be using that time to hug and kiss him. So instead here we have a reenacted picture of the tear-inducing moment of reunion. (well, not really tear-inducing, but you get the gist)

Days with mom were spent chugging around on a super old Suzuki jeep which was probably made during the World War II. The engine was so loud that we were constantly yelling at each other while in the vehicle and soon conversation got too painful so we cruised (chugged) around in silence. But it was cheap and it got us around, so I'm thankful.


Mom also had a chance to ride in a motorcycle and zipped around the streets with Bera. And then got into an unfortunate accident involving a handsome white man of unknown origin, random Thai people and a bruised Bera but an unscathed mom. They also discovered the best Phad Thai after the accident, so I would say that it is overall, a joyful affair.

Sunsets in Phuket were a sight to behold. Once the sun started setting the sky would turn an amazing shade of pink, purple and orange. Imagine being able to watch amazing sunsets like these from a selection of places, from beaches to hilltops, or even from the comfort of your own little hut. The skies in Phuket are a much darker shade of blue compared to KL. And they have more stars as well.

Mom especially enjoyed sunsets, as that's when the pesky sun goes away, and the weather starts to cool into a demure and welcomingly breezy night.


Mom finally got into the camwhoring vein on her last day, but alas, it was too late. Too late. She did enjoy a lovely (and highly overpriced) coconut on a beautiful hilltop bar overlooking the ocean and sunset.

But things hyped up after mom left, sad to say. We discovered this amazing restaurant called Big Chicken, where the clientele drove mostly Mercedes Benz, BMWs and numerous other expensive looking modes of transportation. We were the only ones who zipped in on Bera's rented motorbike. Surprisingly though, Big Chicken's prices was on par to that of say... Taman Connaught. However, the taste and quality of food in Big Chicken is far superior to that of Tmn Connaught. We had lovely garlic pork with rice for 40 baht, that's like RM4, and half a grilled chicken (one of the best grilled chicken I've ever tasted in my life, cross my heart!) for 80 baht.

Needless to say, we became regulars for the next two weeks. I think a waiter even recognized me! He smiled at me! Bera thinks I'm hallucinating though, for believing that a waiter would actually remember a Beautiful girl like me.

Somehow when I'm in a foreign country, I will develop a taste for some good ol junk food. Mc Donalds.
Some windsurfing guy we met at the pool told us he got food poisoning at the Mc D outlet in Patong. So of course we zipped over on our bike (Bera very reluctantly) to sample some of the stomach-trouble-inducing burgers. I ordered a Samurai Burger set (which was basically just pork burger with some teriyaki-ish sauce) which cost me a WHOPPING 189baht! That's like RM19! for Mc Donalds! WHO PAYS SUCH MONEY FOR REPRODUCED SHIT FOOD! WHO! Anyway the burger was nothing fantastic. On the bright side, the fries were extra large and so was my orange juice.
Then it turned out that the Mc Donald's in Patong was super overpriced. Locals ate at Mc Donalds for a fraction of what I paid. A set meal cost like 87 Baht or something similar. I DONT UNDERSTAND! it's not like Patong was up in the mountains or away in the outskirts like the airport! WHY! I hate Patong.

In Patong you could see these sleazy bar girls (read: prostitutes) walking around with old white men. They're everywhere. But Patong was the beach most populated by such "couples".

I suspect that I was often mistaken by people as being a bar girl since I got that horrid tan and I walk around with Bera, who unfortunately for him, is white. But I dont dress half as revealing as they do, nor am I THAT tanned. But I often catch glances by other white men who seem to think I'm one. They either seem to stare at me, or avoid me. It's ALL bad.

Bera was convinced that those people were not disgusted by me and my fictional profession as a bar girl, but were in fact checking me out, the way men do. But I'm not convinced. I hate people who stereotype others without fully understanding the situation. Some people were obviously bar girls, but some were obviously not. One should learn to distinguish. This painted a greyish hint on most of my days I spent out.

Anyway, on to brighter things.

I bought a new dress. It's lovely, it's beautiful and I love it! There came a time when I got sick of the accusatory glances and decided to dress up as a tourist. Hence the flowery dresses + beach wear. Thais don't wear such lovely things.


We also visited the Phuket Aquarium, where my being Thai-like did  me some good by giving me a local-priced ticket, half of the amount a foreigner would've paid.  It was a fun experience since I've always watched movies where couples visit aquariums on dates and I've never done anything of the sort. Bera went crazy marvelling at the different fishes and being afraid of the bigger ones.

One morning I woke up to this in front of the bed. It was a mountain bike. I didn't know how to ride a bicycle and so Bera had taken it into his hands to teach me the most vital skill in life.

It took 2 days (with tons of breaks in between) for me to finally master riding it. Well, "master" is hardly the word, but I have to exaggerate my accomplishments otherwise no one will be impressed! Anyway I didn't fall a single time since Bera was always there to catch me. And by the time he wasn't, I was riding away happily on my own. (Of course, lots of berserk screaming ensued during the 2-day training, and moping around, and whining, but I did it! And thanks Bera for being patient)


This is Scott's dad, whose name I do not know simply because everyone calls him Dad. And Scott's mom was Mom. Anyway he was a funny individual who cracked many English jokes and some which I took more than a second to laugh at since I couldn't quite get the Midlands accent sometimes when they get excited and speak really quickly. But Scott's parents were a jolly old couple and when Bera cooked for them my favorite Hungarian dish - the paprikash chicken + nodkedli, they were all smiles and stuffing themselves amidst lavishing compliments on the chef. And get this, they live in Spain. Wouldn't I love to spend some time in Spain, learning some Espanol.

This is without a doubt my favorite place in Phuket (if i do not take into consideration Big Chicken of course). It's a little hill opposite the famous Phromthep Cape and near Naiharn Beach, where I stay. It has the best view of the surrounding islands and the ocean of course. We could sit at the tip of the hill (or mountain? it's quite huge) on the verge of falling off, enjoying the sea breeze and watching the sunset. 

Sitting here, you could just lose yourself in the tranquility of the wind and the sound of the waves, forgetting you ever had troubles. If you feel like it, you could buy a coconut or a beer from the Rastafaria guy who plays reggae music at the corner who will smile at you and hand you a coconut, freshly cut up with a pink straw stuck in it. You then take it with you and climb down to a quiet spot where you enjoy the view in private.

Sometimes there will be a retired old chap flying his amazing electronic kite there, and watching it provides some much needed distraction from life. Watching it swoop up and down above the vast ocean, flying farther and farther away from its owner has a satisfying effect somehow.
Bera would of course be enjoying his obligatory can of beer watching the view. (well, okay, not obligatory... he
only had it like a couple of times I was there)

Being fascinated by all things big and exotic, Bera forcefully brought me to look at the Big Buddha... apparently the biggest buddha statue in the whole of Thailand. I would of course have to do something defiant like kiss in front of the holiness of Buddha. :P

I love this sign placed in front of the Big Buddha. It says "forgiveness make you happy". Hence the smile on my face after I've forgiven all the evil people who mistook me as a common prostitute.

Among some of the other things I did were:


Enjoy snacks in the pool.

Force Bera to get a manicure with me. AND he was MAN enough to accept the challenge. I'm proud of him.

Got my nails painted blue but decided it was too horrid a shade to stay on and made me look like Cruella De Ville so I asked to wipe them off and did a French instead.

Which turned out lovely of course.

Gorged ourselves to the point of suffocation at Chern Long BBQ Buffet restaurant at the mere price of 129 Baht (RM13)

Celebrated our half-year anniversary, in which Bera gave me a rose which belonged to Swensen's, where we had our lovely sundae and waffle.

Had candlelit dinner at the most romantic hilltop restaurant overlooking the ocean, where I wrote postcards to people and Bera gave me a Paulo Coelho book as our anniversary present.

And spent our last moments at the restaurant having a chat with Dhok the kid selling flower wrests, which Bera bought for me. At one point, Dhok started counting his earnings on our table and took my pen with a grin on his face, the cheeky little ass he was.

Phuket was overall, quite memorable. Quite a trip.

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My Dream Job [10 Apr 2009|06:59pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Never in my life had a lecturer managed to make me cry.
Today was the first, and it will be the last. Who the fuck gives a damn about As anymore? 
Who in her right mind would want to score As from incompetent assholes anyway?

I think my dream job would be to become a lecturer. Just like my beloved photojournalism lecturer.
I mean, think of the sweet, sweet life ahead of you, doing nothing but

i) talking crap to students, as if you're such an expert, but in fact dispels NO knowledge whatsoever
ii) rely on the fucking internet for teaching materials, and oops! what if the college internet connection sucks? Let's watch Beowulf.
iii) teach your students VAGUE stuff, but expect them to deliver what you never taught them
iv) threaten to deduct marks from your students if they ever come late, but arrive late yourself EVERY SINGLE TIME. AN HOUR LATE.
v) cancel some classes since you know, it's VALENTINE'S DAY. wtf.
vi) give your students impossible deadlines so that you don't have to teach extra classes (forgetting those THAT YOU MISSED BEFORE)
vii) criticize every student's work no matter how good it is, or how much they've improved.
viii) bring your son to class and teach him ayat majmuk while students present. It's the professional thing to do.
x) (x is 10 right?) take your wages and ciao, failing your students for all you care, i mean, their destinies are at your whim! 
xi) never allow your students to voice their thoughts and opinions. Democracy is dead. You're Chairman Mao, only you are always right, everyone else is always wrong.

sounds exciting doesn't it? Come on! Let's ALL become lecturers in colleges where students pay a whopping RM2000 +++ to learn nothing, get Cs and allow you to practise your inner critic! 

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the worst/best day of March [04 Apr 2009|07:19pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

The other day I was feeling depressed in school at the prospect of having to slave away at the never ending pile of assignments and presentations coming my way. Another ingredient which added to my depression was the point that Bera is in Penang, but I was still unable to take a bus ride up to see him due to the fact that I had too many shit to do here in KL. I missed him like crazy.

Among the tons of shit that I had to do that day was drama practise so I only managed to go home at 5pm. Mom came to pick me and informed that she wanted to go to the supermarket. I was fine with that seeing as shopping for food destresses me and makes me a teensy bit happy. Of course I spent a long time traipsing around the aisles looking for non-nutricious food like peanut butter biscuits. I was getting very hungry as well, having had lunch at 9.45am in the morning, so I kept complaining about my growling stomach, causing mom to snap at me...

After wasting enough time at the supermarket, I went home, and seeing the tasty looking teochew porridge on the table i immediately dug in. Added an extra mini-serving too. Yum. Mom joined me while Kenji ignored us watching his cartoons.

So after porridge I walked upstairs and dumped my bag on the chair ready to open my laptop as Bera was waiting for me on Skype when an idiot jumped out of my toilet shouting surprise so loud it resulted in me screaming like a banshee.

The idiot turned out to be Bera. T.T
and of course we hugged and kissed and did all the shit couples do when they reunite. Thanks Bera darling for giving me the surprise of my life. And for going through shit to surprise me. XOXO

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Fly away [31 Mar 2009|11:32am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

It has always been my intention to leave Malaysia and pursue a passable career elsewhere in the world.
When I tell people of this intention, they will look at me incredulously and ask why as if I was planning to migrate to Ukraine.

Saying that KL is a shithole just doesn't cut it anymore. They will respond with knowledgeable replies like "it's going to be the same everywhere else".

No. It is NOT going to be the same everywhere else.

Can one honestly say that Kuala Lumpur's weather is the same as that of say... the Netherlands? No. How about languages, cultures, food, fashion, standards of living? If each country is the same, I supposed I could envision living in Japan just by speaking English alone. (Which is not possible by the way) Every country is completely different, and perhaps there will be one out there that will offer me something that is not Malaysia.

"So which country?'" they will ask.

I don't know what country I'm going to. I don't have a preferred country because I don't know what each coutry can offer me. Sure I like Japan, of course I thought of living in the States for a couple of months and Europe will be a nice change too. But which one would I live forever in? I don't know. What is the point in making a decision now? I supposed I'll randomly walk into a country, and if I like it I'll stay for a couple of months. There are like 194 countries in the world... I'd like to spend some time getting to know each of them if possible.

"what about your friends here?!" they look at me incredulously.

Friends. The term is relative. What do you consider as friends? Those who you hang out with everyday? Those who you think about when you are planning your 21st birthday bash? or those whom might not be around all the time but you know will be there for you forever in some way or another?

I feel that we can meet friends anywhere we go, but the real friends we will keep despite not meeting up at all. Real friends are those you can call up after 2 years of non-contact, and still carry a conversation like you used to in the past. Sure, there are tons to catch up on, but wouldn't that be even better than talking junk all the time because you have run out of things to talk about?

Going to another country, I will meet more people that will actually teach me something about life, instead of staying here in little KL, going about my daily business and advancing careerwise, but not otherwise. By the end of my life, could I say that I've done it all? Lived it all?

"what is there you can't do in Malaysia that you can do elsewhere?" they tsked at me, adding that the grass is always greener on the other side.

I don't know. That's why I need to go see! I'm so tired of life here. Sure, another country might just be a replicate of Malaysia in a nicer package, but I'd love to find out rather than stay here wondering my whole life! (and i'm a sucker for good packaging anyway)
And anyway, what makes you think I can learn a new language in Malaysia through the method of immersion? There's nothing to immerse into here except overzealous language students which I'd much rather not associate with. 
What makes you think I can work with non-Malaysians in Malaysia? Truly absorb a new culture, revel in the little thrills when you see something new...

So yes, that might sound insensible, it might sound like I'm trying to escape my problems (which in a way i am), it might sound utterly stupid to actually hope to get a job somewhere other than my home country... But it's my dream for now and I don't want to say I didn't try... :)

See you in Rio de Janeiro one day! Or Botswana... Hawaii, New York, Cape Town, Vietnam, Norway... anywhere!


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haven't said much in months [17 Mar 2009|12:54am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

It pains me much to look at my forsaken blog and see how forgotten it has become in the past few months. So here is an attempt to revive it.

As you all should know by now, I forayed into the world of backpacking (or flashpacking as B. calls it) in November, and indulged myself to the point of fatness in months of december, january and february.

It is now March, and I sit here being depressed about my weight-gain, college work and being away from B.
(update : have lost some weight. So not depressed anymore. ><)

What else is there to do but reminisce?

Vietnam was so fantastic to the point that I talk about it relentlessly despite having been home for more than 4 months.
Perhaps you're one of those sad souls that had to listen to me go on and on about how great an experience I have had in Vietnam, perhaps not. Anyhow, here's a few highlights from the trip which i thought worth mentioning here.

I had a grand time in the whole of Vietnam, but that might only apply to me due to some very special circumstances.

28 days+parent free+enough money+relatively cheap prices+many interesting experiences = too damn fantastic trip.

It also helped that I fell very much in like with B which made each day doing things together, being alone in a foreign country that much sweeter. It would have been completely different if i had gone with say, my dad, or... a close girlfriend... (we'd probably spend the days shopping and gossiping about the horrid touts)

But perhaps the one thing that made me fall head over heels with Vietnam, is its incredibly cheap yet tasty food.

I'm just going to give you THREE examples of the fantastic food that I've sampled in the land of communism at dirt cheap prices. And let your mouth water away.

1. The Banh Mi

Banh Mi is one of the great things the French left the Vietnamese - the baguette. Stop. Don't yawn and say you've seen baguettes every other day... The banh mi is different from any regular French baguette because they're lighter and softer inside, exuding a very distinctive crunch when you bite onto it. The Banh Mi is so fantastic that it has legions of fans in Vietnam and outside, and even has a website dedicated to it... Check out this site - Battle of Banh Mi

Baked fresh every day, these sandwiches are filled with roast meat, pate, numerous other meats, their very own homemade mayonnaise and an assortment of sauces, then garnished with a dash of freshly cut cilantro, pickled carrots and radishes, making it one of the most sinfully delicious sandwiches one can ever attain for the mere sum of 5000 dong (about RM1) There are also vegetarian versions, or ones filled with a fried egg, or with satay, there are endless possibilities for the Banh Mi.

Not only was it cheap (the cheapest one i had was about RM0.80 and it was filled with meat and absolutely delish!) but the baguettes were big enough for a meal and tastier than Subway.

2. Bun Cha (pronounced Boon-cha!)

ah... the bun cha holds a dear place in my heart, being one of the tastiest noodles I had ever had the opportunity to savour.

Commonly found in the northern parts of Vietnam (especially Hanoi), Bun Cha is actually a plate of plate of cold vermicelli noodles, served with a bowl of hot steaming soup filled with some crunchy vegetable which I cannot identify and of course, barbequed pork. You mix a bit of homemade vinegar into the soup (provided at all buncha stalls), pick up some noodles with your chopsticks and dip it into the tangy, sweetish soup then stick it in your mouth. Voila! Mouthgasm! And all for the price of RM3-4...

The little pieces of meat contains just the right amount of fat to flavour the soup and tastes lovely with the noodles.

I think if I had my way I would eat bun cha for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. (However unhealthy it might be) Unfortunately for me, bun cha shops were usually opened only for breakfast and lunch... B and I hiked around looking for open Bun cha shops but they were all closed at 7pm!! 

3. Cha Gio

Everyone should know that the Vietnamese are famous for their spring rolls... but then because it's such a huge country, each part of it has its own way of making these rolls of joy. I prefer those in the south, particularly in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and the Mekong Delta.

The wrapper used for the spring rolls above this is different as you can see, and very much different from the chinese spring rolls. They make it about 200 times more crunchy and after dipping it into the tangy lime+fish sauce, the Cha Gio is heavenly. The best spring rolls i had in Vietnam (or in life) were those in the picture above... I had it in a homestay on Mekong Delta and no words could describe how I felt when I bit into these lovely little things.

Alright, writing about this is making me hungry. So I better stop here. There are like a million more types of food I just didnt have the time to write about, but you can always google Vietnamese food and a gazillion food blogs will pop up haha...

There will more on Vietnam coming up... and also some updates on my life overall... till then... adieu!
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Big Part of Me [02 Mar 2009|11:36pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Here's what has been consuming my time these past months.
He is a huge part of my life now (although not so anymore since his sad departure to the land of smiles two days ago)
To those of you who are curious,
watch this video and you'll know one of the little reasons why i *heart* Bera. :)

Missing you loads.

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random thoughts as usual. [18 Dec 2008|10:56pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Do you ever watch TV and think to yourself how all those shit that scriptwriters churn out will never happen to you?
and then for some time you live happily unaware of the fact that the shit IS happening to you and you're just allowing it to.

Or how you say you'll never act like a certain character on TV and you realise you do...

the stupid loser
the lying bitch
the girl who needs her boyfriend to live
the man who hits his wife

fiction isn't so far from fact after all.

I don't want to be a cliche, but like all cliches, i pretend to be what i'm not.

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Vietnam [15 Nov 2008|02:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

It's now 2.14pm in Vietnam and little trickles of water are coming out of the sky ruining my beach time completely. Vietnam is 1 hour earlier than Malaysia, so if it's 2.14pm here it's 3.14pm over there. Somehow I find myself waking up really early here, like at 7 to 8 in the morning, without an alarm clock, which is amazing considering my normal sleeping habits.

I'm now in Hoi An, which is by far the most expensive place I've been in VN... it's a quaint little old town, with many ancient looking streets and houses converted into shops which totally rip people off. Just yesterday i paid like RM8 for a teeny weeny little bowl of maybe 8 tiny slices of pork, like, seriously tiny like thinner than 0.5cm in width tiny. i was like "what the fuck man" when i saw it, because we've been super spoilt since we've touched down in Vietnam about 2 weeks ago.

On our first night, we had an AMAZINGLY fulfilling and superbly tasty local dinner for only RM9... which is RM4.50 per person. And we had like 3 dishes and a soup, and lots of rice and free tea. Imagine that. All piping hot from the kitchen. We bought baguettes the next morning for like RM1 and it was huge and extremely yummy, making me fall in love with vietnamese baguettes forever. They're called Banh Mi and really really lovely little things. Been eating tons of them since.

However, the most fantastic dinner we had was the night Bera biked us to some secluded ocean-side restaurant in Nha Trang which managed to be both vacation-y and classy, and whilst enjoying the sound of the gigantic waves and the cool breeze of the night, we ordered so much food we almost died. We had a HUGE hotpot, which was something like steamboat and loads of fresh seafood and really tasty soup and also fried fish and squid. Omg. The squid was soooooooo good. and the rice, the rice was so chewy, like calrose rice, but looked like normal long grain rice. Hot and fluffy, it made the meal fantastico. We also ordered the most delicious strawberry shake in the world which was like a glassful of strawberries and each sip was just marvellous. I never had a better glass of strawberry juice in my life. And guess what, the entire meal only cost us RM60+. Simply amazing.

You can imagine my shock when we went to this shitty restaurant in Hoi An which didnt look all that nice, ordered normal food and in came servings fit for a toddler. Yes. What the fuck indeed. It was more expensive than walking into a fancy restaurant in KL. I hate Hoi An.

On the other hand, Hoi An is amazing - shopping-wise -. they had everything!!! and really really cheap prices. It's strange how the food can cost so much and the physical goods can cost so little. People here arent as nice and people in Nha Trang and Saigon. Man I missed Nha Trang and Saigon so much.

We had this VIP-ish room in Nha Trang, with it's own living room! and beautiful bathroom and balcony for only 20 dollars, which was lovely considering the price and location. And in Saigon the room was okay, in a quaint little alleyway where you can watch the locals do shit like try to nab tourists into their hotels.

And Omg, I LOVED crossing the road in Saigon. It was the most exhilarating experience ever. At first it was a bit scary, you know... because all the motorcycles were going in all directions and the cars and trucks didn't seem to give a damn about your existence, but you move slowly, and you realise they weave around you as you make your way to the other side of the road and the feeling is just riveting. It's like they're taking care of you haha. Nowhere else in VN is the traffic as wonderful as in Saigon. Oh man.... I miss crossing the road.

what else do I love... hmm.... I love how everyone in Vietnam lives on their bikes and moves around using their bikes and how couples would hug each other whilst weaving through the heavy traffic and it's just really romantic. I love the oceanside cafes where some guy just set up stall and puts like a million really comfy sunchairs for you to sit there and sip on their really cheap coffees and juices. Bera claims that they have the best coffee in Asia. I wouldn't know though, not being a fan of coffee. But their milk coffee - Ca Fe Sua Da - is really good i think, really milky and nice.

Oh yea, and another thing, Vietnamese people seem incapable of cooking up any bad food. Even in the most expensive and unreasonably priced places, they serve good food. Even in the streets they serve fantastic food. Wherever you go, whatever you order, it is bound to taste good. And that's really surprising, because even in Malaysia, the food haven, there ARE bad food. There are seriously bad food. But here, everything's good. Strange, but true. I loooooooooooooooooove Vietnamese food.

One more thing, the Vietnamese people are really nice despite what I've read before... They're all really friendly and sweet. Now I'm going to go shopping. Toodles. Pictures will come.

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lalala backpacking here i come! [04 Nov 2008|03:35am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Six hours and twenty five minutes till I'm on Vietnamese grounds.
Can't wait.
See you guys in a month!


and thank you all for the greatest birthday ever.

Eunice for planning it all and getting my backpack fund ready :)
Lilean for coming ALL the way from Penang JUST for a little party :)
Patricia for staying BACK and not going home to KK!!! 
Bera for slaving away the entire day cooking the best food and making the best lasagna cake ever!
Tammy for waiting 2 hours at the LRT station and bringing me the best travel care package ever!
Jing and Gideon for taking hours to um... fry/steam the lasagna in Gi's magic wok.
Claudia for folding all the lovely hearts and stars
Haohao and Meicher for coming over the night before to surprise me when I looked like shit
Wern Jun and David and my wonderful aunt for calling and trying to have a chat with me despite my busy-ness
Talia for trying so hard to contribute to my backpack fund
and everyone else for remembering and sending me sweet text messages/wall posts.
I love you all.

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Excitement, Ignorance and Bliss. [31 Oct 2008|04:05am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hi, just got back from my favorite activity - suffering as a result of earlier procrastination.
I feel a severe need to read more books so I can finally possess an admirable amount of vocabulary,but unfortunately, internet lingo seem to have taken the place of actual literature, which does not bode well for my already dwindling vocab.
So so so... Since I'm going to Vietnam for a month, and lending my laptop to Eunice like the saint i am, I'm going to treat my trip to VN as a detoxifying period to completely rid myself of the urge to go online and do nothing 24/7.

Instead, I'm going to take this time to relearn how to enjoy the things I used to love, like reading, for instance, and spending time with actual people, not some cold (but oh so beautiful and exciting) screen. But i will make an exception for the lovely TV when I'm over at a couchsurfer's house because I also want to enjoy my life. oh yea, perhaps get the inspiration to write again. My ability to write seemed to have been stripped along with my (used to be) large vocabulary. It's tragic.

Can I say that I'm very excited to be finally embarking on a journey that I've been longing to take since April? To travel on my own (well, almost) in some foreign country for a period longer than 2 weeks. This is the first baby step. Soon there will be full-fledged adult steps... perhaps a trip round the world or getting a job in new zealand picking cherries. Oh wait, of course, USA work and travel, Lilean and Eunice, you guys better not pull out of this! Else I'll just stab someone.

Oh yes.




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